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Estel Smart Office: a new space planning approach for a new way of working

Any workeer know exactly how working atmosphere is important in an Office: the human factors (relationship, communication…) is probably the main hallmark, a feature nowadays strictly connected with the interior design.  To create the best mood inside a modern workplace it’s important to evaluate the most recurring activities and choose, and place in the right place, specific furniture elements with peculiar charateristics.

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Inner Vibes


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Acoustic Design

An olistic space, quite, respectful and intense: design for high performance and source of creativity. This is the way new Estel’s interiors for the office deal with professional performance. In order to inhance at best comfort and concentration, Estel acoustic solutions for working space tend to bring functionality with a passionate, lively touch.

When spaces are perceived and experienced in their entirety, the best designs reflect this. Office design is no longer confined to individual pieces of furniture. The focus of planning activity is increasingly upon creating work environments that promote communication and cooperation, inspire thinking and help people stay healthy. In this vision, for Estel, countless details have to interact with one another in the conception of modern work environments.
From wall partitions, to the choice of lighting as it is to overall room acoustics, the search for concentration in modern offices has often meant a futile fight against acoustic and visual interferences. A balance between room separation and open access is thus so utterly important for ensuring a high performance level.
According to various studies, each employee in the office spends half of his working time with work that requires concentration. The second half is used for communication. The aim of Estel acoustic design environment is to find a compromise between communication and concentration in order to create a noise free working environment. A relaxing, comfortable lounge zone in the working space, invites people to unwind and recharge.

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