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Sedentary work: tricks and tips to avoid physical problems

In modern society the whole population has become much more sedentary than the past: children, young people, adults and elderly people spend many hours of their day in front of television, smartphones, computers and tablets.

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In the last decade the way to work in the office has radically changed: thanks to the technology, the work has become more flexible and the need of a static and independent workstation has become less important.

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Details for an executive design


The qualities of the Altagamma collection are expressed by the rigorous combination of materials and finishes that underline the functions and values of the executive furniture.
Details that reveal the class of the collection, tracing new horizons for executive spaces and meeting areas.

The versions of the Altagamma table, designed by Dario Covi, communicate passion for the most exclusive materials and the construction talent of Estel manufacturing. Rationalism, a scrupulous sense of proportion and aesthetic values come together in a timeless project reserved for executive managment. The base, consisting of a leg chassis or frame in steel finished aluminium connected to a central structural beam, is designed to support the modesty panel in different finishes. Glass, wood and leather alternate on the top surface, a perfect balance of material and colour between horizontal and vertical elements, between bursts of technology and classical wood, that recall classical cabinetry but with intentional allusions to early twentieth century design. The Altagamma meeting version is one of Estel’s best-selling projects thanks to its ability to match functional needs with a high aesthetic profile.

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