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In the last decade the workplace environment has been affected by a real revolution, a prelude to the birth of a new generation of office: the "Smart Office".
Just observing this change it’s easy to realize that the working environment has start to transform into a sort of extension of the people who use to spend most of the day into office; this is evolution is an answer to an increasing need for functionality and efficiency, but also for the desire to work in a welcoming, pleasant and stimulating place. 

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Interior design: Polpetta sofa celebrates 3 years

Polpetta, one of the best seller from the Estel' collection, celebrate its first three years.
The padded sofa designed by Favaretto & Partners continues to passionate the lovers of interior design, both for house both for office furnishings...
Discover with us all the features of this product through an interview with the project creator Francesco Favaretto.

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Three good reasons why HR and Facility Manager should orient their company towards Smart Office

In the era of Smart Working, the need to change office layout and replace task office furniture became a "hot" issue for any type of company. When the management needs to renovate the  offices, usually they focus their attention on the economic aspect. They try to limit the expenses on the new furniture, without taking into account the employees’ needs. For this reason HR and Facility Manager are crucial to understand the needs of the employees and drive the company's investments in the right direction.

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Activity Based Working: diversify the offices design improves the performance and allows the company to retrench

The optimization of the work spaces is a goal, currently considered crucial, for the growth of every business. In the contemporary context, offices are designed with the purpose of improving the productivity, encouraging a continuous and profitable interaction between employees.

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