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Iconic Design

What are the characters that transform a design project in a timeless icon? What are the details of style that allow it to cross the ages, increasing in value and quality?
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Inner Vibes


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Coffice  Caffetteria

The pleasure of working draw incentive by the relations you can create during pauses like coffeebreaks, snacks and lunch. Coffice by Estel creates open areas, comfortable and dedicated to networking, a perfect scenario that eliminates barriers, prejudices and increases productivity.

Estel has developed different interior design systems dedicated to the convivial areas in the office, each profiled for hangout specific needs, like relaxation and connection. With Coffice program, Estel meets the need to give life to a self-service space and buffet, that the person can use it autonomously, warming a simple snack or enjoying a coffee. While in the middle of the room there are the tables for socializing, a wall bench is fully equipped to be able to wash, cook, serve independently, with separate trash, undercounter refrigerator, microwave, hot and cold water dispenser. Coffice version ‘snacks island’, focuses on the same operational plan, and the self-service functions, both the convivial, separated by a partition wall.

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Deck:Connecting the executive board to a new living, modern vision

Connecting the executive board to
a new living, modern vision

Deck is a system of executive furnishings designed by Jorge Pensi for Estel. Its function is to increasingly blur the boundaries between work and daily life. Elegant volumes are inserted into a metal base creating the illusion of floating solids and voids for a balanced combination of strength and airiness.

Deck Team Leader is an executive office desk that Estel proposes as a complete cross between work and daily life. A careful combination of leather, wood, glass and metal identifies the different functional areas like the reception area, organisational area, display area, and meeting area. The surface of the operator side table is always covered with leather and is moveable, allowing access to the compartment equipped for electrification. The surface of the meeting side is proposed in wood or in super-clear frosted, back lacquered tempered glass.

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Perfect Lunch At Work

The lunch break is definitely a moment that should be exploited for the well-being of mind and body. It is useful for disconnecting from intense commitments, relax, socialize and exchange ideas with colleagues, as well eat properly in order to provide sufficient energy for the next working sessions. What impact does what we eat have on our cognitive abilities?

Lorenza Caregaro Negrin Interview

We asked Professor Lorenza Caregaro Negrin, head of the Dietitics and Nutrition Department at the University Hospital of Padua, as well as a member of ADI Italy, the Italian Association of Nutritionists and Dieticians for her opinion.

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Acoustic Design

An olistic space, quite, respectful and intense: design for high performance and source of creativity. This is the way new Estel’s interiors for the office deal with professional performance. In order to inhance at best comfort and concentration, Estel acoustic solutions for working space tend to bring functionality with a passionate, lively touch.

When spaces are perceived and experienced in their entirety, the best designs reflect this. Office design is no longer confined to individual pieces of furniture. The focus of planning activity is increasingly upon creating work environments that promote communication and cooperation, inspire thinking and help people stay healthy. In this vision, for Estel, countless details have to interact with one another in the conception of modern work environments.
From wall partitions, to the choice of lighting as it is to overall room acoustics, the search for concentration in modern offices has often meant a futile fight against acoustic and visual interferences. A balance between room separation and open access is thus so utterly important for ensuring a high performance level.
According to various studies, each employee in the office spends half of his working time with work that requires concentration. The second half is used for communication. The aim of Estel acoustic design environment is to find a compromise between communication and concentration in order to create a noise free working environment. A relaxing, comfortable lounge zone in the working space, invites people to unwind and recharge.

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Details for an executive design


The qualities of the Altagamma collection are expressed by the rigorous combination of materials and finishes that underline the functions and values of the executive furniture.
Details that reveal the class of the collection, tracing new horizons for executive spaces and meeting areas.

The versions of the Altagamma table, designed by Dario Covi, communicate passion for the most exclusive materials and the construction talent of Estel manufacturing. Rationalism, a scrupulous sense of proportion and aesthetic values come together in a timeless project reserved for executive managment. The base, consisting of a leg chassis or frame in steel finished aluminium connected to a central structural beam, is designed to support the modesty panel in different finishes. Glass, wood and leather alternate on the top surface, a perfect balance of material and colour between horizontal and vertical elements, between bursts of technology and classical wood, that recall classical cabinetry but with intentional allusions to early twentieth century design. The Altagamma meeting version is one of Estel’s best-selling projects thanks to its ability to match functional needs with a high aesthetic profile.

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Deal with an Architect

Interview with Sergio Vicenzino, Estel’s Sales Director

Which are the skills a company has to leverage in order to best interpret and implement the work of an architect? How does one relate to the work of a designer, especially in the case of large-scale and complex projects? We asked Sergio Vicenzino, Estel’s Sales Director, to share his prospective as a way of understanding what goes into building a solid link between those who design and those who manufacture.

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A place for emotions


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The Embrace Family

A warm elegance

Embrace is a family of chairs designed by Jorge Pensi for Estel, characterized by a peculiar modern and universally appealing style, a fluid, elegant design for executive chairs, visitor chairs, waiting area sofas with compact dimensions, multi-seat bench, lounge armchair and coffee table.

The work chairs, made with a multilayer frame structure, are in an round ergonomic design, broken by taut lines for a high level of comfort. The padding is in differentiated density polyurethane foam to guarantee the correct ergonomic function of the chair. Great attention has been devoted to the manual stitching, a details that conveys to the high craft skills envolved in Estel’s production process.

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